Integrated Water Cycle (IWC) Project

The Googong Township IWC Project will deliver a water cycle system that provides essential water and waste water services. It is an innovative response to the complex problem of water supply and has been designed to meet best practice water conservation outcomes.

The Googong Township IWC Project will be delivered in stages, which have been linked to the anticipated population growth. Some stages will require construction or decommissioning of temporary infrastructure so that service requirements can be met for the anticipated population.

Stage 1

This stage involves the infrastructure required to service the initial stage of the township subdivision, which mainly relates to the first of five neighbourhoods.

In subsequent stages of the IWC Project all key infrastructure elements would be expanded to their full capacity and interim or temporary elements decommissioned and replaced with permanent infrastructure.

Construction of Stage 1 of the IWC commenced in January 2013 and was completed on 05 July 2016. Stage 1 will delivered:

  • A water recycling plant (WRP)
  • Temporary reservoirs for recycled and potable water
  • Pumping stations for sewage (SPS1 and SPS2), recycled (RWPS) and potable water (BWPS)
  • Mains pipe work (including rising and distribution mains) for sewage, recycled water and potable to connect to Neighbourhood 1A (NH1A)
  • Connection to the stormwater management system.

Stage 1 - stages and timing

Stage 1 was developed in three stages, Stage A - Network (west and east), Stage AB - WRP and Stage B - Network. See below for more detail.

Stage Description Construction start date Operation date
A – Network

West: Construction of an interim water supply that includes potable and recycled water interim reservoirs, sewage pumping station (SPS1), connecting pipelines together with the connection to the subdivision reticulation network.

East: Construction of bulk water pumping station and connecting pipeline to service the interim reservoirs.

Jan 2013




Apr 2013

Aug 2014




Oct 2014


Construction of Stage AB WRP to treat sewage and produce recycled water for use in the township.

Sept  2014

July 2016

B – Network

Construction of second part of the sewage network including a second pumping station and connecting pipeline.

December 2014

June 2016

Stage 2

This stage involves the augmentation of the existing Stage 1 infrastructure and construction of permanent infrastructure to provide capacity for the IWC to process wastewater and provide recycled water to the township.

Stage 2 will be delivered in two sub-stages in order to provide the appropriate infrastructure to accommodate the size and growth of the Googong township. Construction of Stage 2 of the IWC commenced in August 2016. Stage C has been developed, with construction of Stage C completed in August 2018. As of November 2018, all Stage C assets have been handed over from GTPL to Icon Water (Network East) and QPRC (WRP and Network West), and the operation of these assets are now the responsibility of the relevant operator.

Stage D is yet to be developed, and project approvals will still need to be obtained by GTPL prior to commencing works on Stage D.

Stage 2 - stages and timing

Stage 2 will be developed in two sub-stages, Stage C (Network East, Network West and WRP) and Stage D. See below for more detail.

Stage Description Construction start date Operation date

Network East:

  • Augmentation of the BWPS and rising main.

September 2016

July 2017

Network West:

  • Construction of new potable water and recycled water reservoirs and supporting supply and distribution mains
  • Decommissioning of the interim reservoir site, and the part of a rising main from the BWPS to the WRP.

August 2016

February 2018


  • Augmentation of the WRP for additional capacity.

June 2017

November 2018


Augmentation of the WRP and network assets for maximum capacity.