What is the Integrated Water Cycle?

The integrated water cycle will provide essential water and wastewater services to the township of Googong. It is a great example of how water can be supplied to an area with increasing population, without placing undue stress on the existing scarce water resources.

How does an Integrated Water Cycle work?

The integrated water cycled reuses wastewater for things like irrigation and non-potable domestic uses (eg. toilet flushing) and captures water run off into tanks. This means that valuable drinking water can be saved and used only for essential purposes. The diagram below summarises the cycle:

What benefits will it provide Googong?

Water consumption in Googong will be reduced by up to 60 per cent and more than half of the town’s wastewater will be recycled.

An irrigation strategy will be implemented to use stormwater and recycled water in Googong’s gardens and parks.

How does it differ to other water systems?

It will use far less water than other systems. Googong will be so water efficient, its 18,000 residents will use less water than just 6,500 residents in an average Australian community.